Returns & disputes

As all digital media is sold once downloaded, we generally do not provide refunds. However, if an image has clear technical faults that detract from its ability to be used, we will gladly provide customers a 100% refund on their purchase. If you have downloaded one such image, please contact us within 7 days with clear details as to what technical faults you have found, including examples. If we feel you are warranted in your request, we will provide you a full refund.

Please note that we request that all customers contact us for all queries as we strive to resolve all issues amicably, no matter what the case. If you feel the need to issue a dispute through your payment processor directly prior to contacting us, this incurs additional costs. In this case, we will generally close your account and you will not be able to purchase through FrimuFilms again.

Please note that in the case of any refunds or cancellations, your license to use the image is revoked and you are legally obligated to delete all copies of the media in question.